Monday, February 9, 2009

I went digital... just for fun!

Hey all. The title says it all I guess. It's true that lately I discovered stamping and absolutely LOVE it. With that little obsession came the daunting task of finding cute images to stamp and colour... well, it in turn brought me to some cute images, however, they're already coloured and ready for .... DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING. Now, a while back, I kind of started "collecting" things to use for digital scrapbooking and actually really wanted to learn how to make this stuff. I joined a PSP group and had fun learning some neat things... only problem is that 1 hour on the computer turned into an enormous amount of hours wasted, I mean spent on the computer. I just couldn't do it anymore and low and behold, I never once created a scrap page!!! LMAO... however, I have lots of files to do so... ha ha ha

Anyway, on to what I did tonight and OMG... it was soooo easy!!! I have realized that my problem is not that I don't have time to do these things, it's I don't want to pay to do it the "easy" way... I always tell myself "why pay for that, when you can make it, or do it yourself, lets learn how??"... ummmm, because yourself has no darn time to do it ALL!!!!

Well... tada... my one and only digital scrap page... my one and only scrap page period!!! LOL

I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to do this again....

I actually broke down and bought this set from pickleberrypop and I think it's just the cutest. I only wish I didn't just try to "check it out" for a moment.... I didn't have a pic in mind and this was just the first one that I came across that I thought would be okay... I do want to make another now with all my kids in it... yeah...

Well, bye for now!

Happy crafting


  1. For a first page, you did a great job! This layout is adorable!

  2. WOW - that's awsome!! I love the magnifying glass.... you did a great job!

  3. totally cute...worth every minute you "wasted" on the computer!

  4. That is so cute...I really want to learn to do this!