Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paper Piecing with SCAL

I got SCAL today from Kim over at Cutters Creek and so I had an opportunity to play around with a paper piecing file I had worked on in Inkscape while waiting for SCAL. The first picture is of a paper piecing that I purchased from Precious Piecings a) because it's too darn cute and b) to be sure I know how SCAL is supposed to work for when I test my own images. I just love this loveable couple!
So then, it was time to try my lion kid file. There were a few snags, but all in all, I was very pleased with myself for doing this! I think this little one is super cute too. Although I think cutting on a colour other than green is probably more beneficial to the cuteness factor, I'm just thrilled that there were only a couple mishaps with his tail and rear end.
I had the hardest time doing this because SCAL kept not responding on me and I had to start over a couple times. Same with inkscape actually. Does anyone know if these programs maybe use the clipboard and I might have been overloading my computer???? Who knows, I'm just glad I DID IT finally!!! I'll now make a few changes and voila! I also did a Dalmation Puppy, but I'm tired and MUST get some sleep. The little ones have been getting me up every hour or so at night for a few weeks and it's starting to take its toll.... yet I can't seem to sleep when I have the prime opportunity! Go figure?!
Anyway, happy crafting! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Cute paper piecings! You might try running SCAL in compatibility mode if you're running it in Vista. I think you right-click the actual program file (not a shortcut) and choose Properties. There should be a compatibility tab. Go there and I think choose to run with compatibility with Windows XP. Try that and see if it helps. And have fun with SCAL!

  2. I wish I could get as brave as you. I haven't even tackled DS yet. SIGH I love both of these.

  3. Those are adorable!! Way To Go!!